Though she was a Patrol Guard for a short time. Abigail never missed the wilderness when she was asked to take over as the central healer of Lockhaven and its apothecary master. After the Fall of 1152 her relationship with Midnight tainted her practice and turned her talents toward revenge against her fellow Guard.
---David Petersen's Mouse Guard

Abigail was a female mouse and the central healer of Lockhaven.

Characteristics and Personality[edit | edit source]

Not much of Abigail's background is revealed. While she seems loyal and concerned for the well-being of the Mouse Guard (and she have been genuinely in the past), she hides the fact that she is malicious and disloyal to her fellow mice. After Midnight's banishment, she became vengeful and sought to jeopardize the Mouse Guard in every way she could in secrecy. When she was caught by them, she showed no sign of fear and gloated how Midnight's ideals could not be erased.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Midnight's Rebellion[edit | edit source]

During the Fall of 1152, Abigail secretly plotted against the Mouse Guard with her partner Midnight. When Rand was injured during the Siege of Lockhaven, she was assigned to look after him.

Food Shortages in the Territories[edit | edit source]

"Midnight's kingdom is not at an end... I was to be his queen!"
In the Winter of 1152, Abigail was found to be responsible for depleting the Lockhaven larder of food and medicine, causing the Guard to starve. She also poisoned the shieldmouse Rand with Hemlock, a deadly plant found throughout the Territories. When the matriarch of the Guard, Gwendolyn, discovered Abigail's plot, she sent the remaining Lockhaven Guardmice to hunt her down.
Two unnamed members of the Mouse Guard found her in the larder, attempting to poison the well. Abigail explained to them that she was merely a small part of a Territory-wide conspiracy organised by Midnight to destroy the Guard. Midnight planned to marry her once they destroyed the Guard and take over the land. The Guardmice shot her, but not before she could poison the Lockhaven well. Her body was later found by Kenzie, Saxon and Sadie floating upside down in the water below Lockhaven with two mouse arrows protruding from her back.

Source[edit | edit source]

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